Smart Intelligent Bidet Toilet With Inner Tank

£1,095.00 (£912.50 without VAT)

Smart Intelligent Bidet Toilet With Inner Tank.

  • Auto Clean Auto Flush Smart Toilet
  • Foot Sensor – Open & Close Soft Close Technology Seat
  • Auto Warm Toilet Seat – Temperature Adjustment
  • Auto Heated water
  • Auto Drying
  • Hygienic No Hand Touch
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Welcome to a new way of comfort. Introducing the Smart Intelligent Toilet Bidet – the perfect combination of technology and convenience. This innovative toilet seat with bidet feature is designed to provide superior comfort and cleanliness. It features a Smart Bidet that intelligently adjusts water temperature and pressure levels, as well as a Self-Cleaning Nozzle for maximum hygiene. The Automatic Toilet with Bidet feature automatically senses your presence and opens the lid and seat automatically. Plus, you can even control the temperature and pressure levels with the included remote control. With the Smart Intelligent Toilet Bidet, you can enjoy a more comfortable and hygienic bathroom experience.
Automatic Flushing – Say goodbye to wasting time and effort to flush! This toilet bidet attachment offers automated flushing, so you don’t need to worry about pressing a button or handle. Experience the convenience of effortless flushing today!
Heated Seats – Enjoy comfort and luxury with this intelligent toilet’s heated seats. Enjoy a warm, soothing experience every time you use the intelligent toilet! The perfect addition to any bathroom. #IntelligentToilet
Automatic Open/Close Lid:  Experience modern luxury with our Smart Intelligent Toilet Bidet. This feature provides effortless operation, giving you a convenient and hygienic bathroom experience! The automatic open/close lid is a great addition to any luxury toilet bidet.